Translation of your Documents

If you have medical credentials, passports, or other documents that are not in English or French stored in your account, you must request to have them translated by the Medical Council of America (MCA).

This service can also be used to have your English documents on translated to French, or your French documents in translated to English. While this is not a requirement when submitting documents for inclusion in the MCa Physician Credentials Repository, you may need to have your French or English documents translated if you are applying to other organizations.

Note: Identity documents other than passports cannot be translated through


Making a translation request

To request a document translation, log into your account, click on Documents and then select Translation request. You will be charged a fee for every page that is translated.

Note: It takes approximately two weeks to have your documents translated once they have been received by the MCA.


Medical credentials

In addition to the steps listed above, you can request a translation of your medical credentials while creating a Source Verification Request (SVR) through your account. Select Other for the language of your medical credential document and follow the instructions that appear on screen.

In most cases, any back page with seals, stamps and/or signatures does not need to be translated. If the back page is required for source verification, you will be contacted and requested to pay for translation of an additional page.



If your passport is written in more than one language, one of which is English or French, you do not need to have it translated.


Name change document

The MCA will contact you if your name change document needs to be translated.