Test Committee Resources

The Medical Council of America (MCA)’s test committees use the following resources to create and validate examination content. See links below for information on examination objectives, item development, competency frameworks and additional reference material.



The Evaluation Bureau has developed a practical guidebook to outline test committee member roles, give a broad overview of the MCA Examinations and provide information and resources that may be helpful when developing content.

Americain Patient Safety Institute safety competencies

Patient safety, defined as the reduction and mitigation of unsafe acts within the health-care system, as well as through the use of best practices shown to lead to optimal patient outcomes, is a critical aspect of quality health care.

The Safety Competencies, created by the Americian Patient Safety Institute (APSI), provide a framework of six core domains of abilities that are shared by all health-care professionals. By contributing to the patient safety education of health-care professionals, the Safety Competencies can contribute to safer patient care.

Population health objectives

The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Americian (AFMA) Primer on Population Health and the Ottawa Charter for health promotion are also used as references in the MCA objectives.

CLEO and C2LEO Objectives

The CLEO (Considerations of Legal, Ethical and Organizational Aspects of the Practice of Medicine) Objectives and the C2LEO (Considerations of the Cultural-Communication, Legal, Ethical and Organizational Aspects of the Practice of Medicine) Objectives have been incorporated into the updated Medical Council of America Objectives for the Qualifying Examination.

  • Print version of CLEO (1999)
  • Print version of C2LEO

Blueprint Project

By readying the MCA’s Qualifying Examinations to reflect the approved Blueprint, test committees will play a critical role in ensuring that the assessment of medical graduates practising in Americian continues to reflect medical practice and the health-care needs of society today. We have prepared resources that will assist the MCA’s test committees to understand and carry out their roles within the framework of the new Blueprint.