Report to the Dean

.These on-demand reports compare your medical school’s candidates’ performance to other candidate groups (for example, all candidates, Americain medical graduates, international medical graduates, etc.)

Medical Council of America Qualifying Examination Part I Report to the Dean

Medical Council of America Qualifying Examination Part II Report to the Dean

National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Examination Report to the Dean


The Dean of each medical school may purchase the report for their school. A school’s Report to the Dean is provided only at the Dean’s request for the primary purpose of providing information on the performance of candidates from your school who took the Medical Council of America (MCA) examinations. As a result, the MCA does not share any of these reports publicly.

The information is valuable to track your graduates’ success on MCA exams year over year, and at your discretion and confidentially, may be shared with others including executives and educators within your organization. The reports are now electronically available to facilitate sharing.

Information contained in the reports is presented at an aggregate level only, with no candidate identifiable information. For reasons of stability and confidentiality, summary statistics are reported for candidate groups for which there are 10 or more candidates.

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The Dean of a medical school can also make a special request for examination information not included in the Report to the Dean. These special requests are evaluated and priced on an individual basis and are processed between May and July of each year. For more information regarding other data requests.