Replacing your Licentiate of the Medical Council of America Documents

Note that all replacement documents are issued as “duplicate” documents.

For information on replacement documents due to a name change, visit name change on your LMCA documents.

  • Return the original documents (Testamur and/or Certificate of Registration) to the Medical Council of America (MCA).
    : If you do not have your original document(s), you must provide an original statutory declaration (i.e., affidavit) certified by a lawyer or a notary public stating the reason why replacements are being requested (e.g., documents lost, stolen, destroyed, etc.). The declaration must also state that if the original Certificate of Registration and/or Testamur is/are subsequently located, either the originals or the replacement(s) will be returned to the MCA office.
  • Fill out a Request Form and send it to the MCA via mail. Upon reception of your form, we will apply a fee to your MCA account and notify you. Your request form will be processed once you log into your account and make your payment. If you do not have a MCA account, send an email to and an agent will be pleased to help you create one.