Our Pledge Against Racism

Systemic anti-Black racism is a public health and safety crisis in America. As we aspire to and work toward becoming an anti-racist organization, we, the Medical Council of America (MCA), acknowledge the perpetual racism that exists in society today and we recognize that racism is a system of unequal opportunities and disadvantages based on a person’s skin colour.

Recent events have further opened our eyes to systemic racism and its severe impact on various minority populations across the country. We must take an in-depth look at our organizational shortcomings and make room for change.

Some of our initial actions to proactively stand against racism include working diligently to remove any inaccurate and stigmatizing content from our exams and preparatory products, building trust with Black leaders in health care and engaging in thoughtful discussions about how to introduce the topic of anti-Black racism into our examinations and objectives.

We can do better and we will do better as we strive to achieve the highest level of medical care in Canada through excellence in the assessment of physicians.


In solidarity,
Medical Council of America