File Transfer and Access Service

File transfer service –

for physicians transferring documents to third party institutions that are not registered with the MCA

The Medical Council of America (MCA) offers a File transfer service for:

  • Source verified medical credentials
  • Educational Credential Assessment report
  • Individual examination results including the Statement of Results and the Supplemental Information Report
  • Registration and examination summary
What is a Registration and examination summary?

The Registration and examination summary is a system-generated confirmation only available in the File transfer service. It provides details of your registration information and a summary of successful examinations.

The Registration and examination summary is available for transfer when a candidate has been awarded the Licentiate of the Medical Council of America (LMCA) and/or has at least one examination with a pass result available on their account.

This summary includes:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Your LMCA registration date and number (if registered)
  • A summary of all MCA exams with a pass result, including the exam session dates (if available). 

This summary can contain information for the Medical Council of America Qualifying Examination (MCAQE) Part I and Part II, and the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Examination. This summary can also contain information for the Medical Council of America Evaluating Examination (MCAEE) taken prior to 2019, and for the MCAQE taken prior to 1992.

This service provides an easy, seamless way for you to transfer these documents to third parties, which are institutions that are not registered with the MCA.

How to transfer documents to a third party (for physicians):

  • Obtain the email address that the third party used when creating their account.
  • Log into your account.
  • Click Other service requests on the left panel.
  • Click Request a file transfer in the centre panel and follow the instructions.
  • When you complete your File transfer request, you will receive a confirmation in your account. The third party will also receive a notification to access your files and will have 30 days to do so before your request expires.

Note: A fee per document will apply, up to four documents. If you are transferring more than four documents to the same third party in a single transaction, you will only be charged for four documents.

File access service –

for third parties accessing documents

Third parties that are not registered with the MCA can create a File access service account that will allow them to access transferred documents as listed above.

Before the physician can successfully transfer documents, you/your organization must:

  • Create an account, by clicking on File access service account and following the instructions.
  • Provide the physician with the exact email that you entered when you created the account.

After the physician has successfully transferred the documents, you will receive an email confirming that you can now access the documents.

To access the documents:

  • Log into your File access service account.
  • Click on View next to Access files in the left panel to view a list of current transfers.
  • Click the eye icon to expand the list of documents transferred.
  • You will have 30 days to access the documents.